homegym HG 9120 PRO + WEIGHT COVER


Training device with in-built weights for ideal power and endurance training, including all weights and accessories.

  • More than 40 training possibilities.
  • Good support during training with straight back.
  • Soft, sturdy seating and back support.
  • Butterfly combination.
  • Leg curl and laterals.
  • Diverse range of exercises possible with the large and small pull-bars.
  • Weight plates are screened off for safety.
  • Weight is easy to adjust with pin.
  • 8 weight plates and a top layer, weighing 5kg each.
  • Weight dependent on the sort of exercise, ranging from 5 to 100kg, adjustable by means of the pulley and cable system.
  • Square tube-frame measuring approximately 50 x 50mm.
  • Able to accommodate a maximum body weight of 130kg.
  • Measurements: Approximately L 179 x W 115 x H 197cm.

Possibility of increased weight with four extra plates (system has 4 extra holes for holding extra weights).

Order number: HG 9121-10lb