Snooker is fun

SN-1050-6 snooker- and/or poolballenset

Snooker is a recognised cue sport. And who comes to the table? Two players or two teams. At the end of the game, only the white ball remains. All other balls are taken out of play during the game. In total, there are 22 balls, of which 15 are red. There is also a yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black ball, as well as the white cue ball. Sometimes a smaller set of just seventeen balls is used. This is especially handy for smaller tables.


Snooker tables: the measurements

A snooker table for competitions is larger than a standard billiard or pool table. Snooker tables have six pockets, or holes. There is a pocket in every corner and in the middle of the two long walls of the snooker table. There is a net into which the balls are played.


Snooker: the rules of the game

The goal? Play a red ball into one of the six pockets. And once it's in? You can choose a ball with a different colour. And if you play it into a pocket? You return it to the table and play another red ball. And continue playing in this manner until all the red balls have been played into pockets. Once the last one is gone, you can begin to permanently put the coloured balls into the pockets. However, they now need to be played in a specific order, based on colour, and therefore the point-value of the ball.


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