Pool tables for professionals and amateurs

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Pool is originally from America. It is especially popular with young people. And, needless to say, pool is played on a pool table. The height differs from one pool table to the next. And the sizes of the play areas on these tables vary too: 1.56 metres by 1.24 metres, 1.65 metres by 1.28 metres, 1.88 metres by 0.92 metres, 2.30 metres by 1.10 metres, and of course, there are professional pool tables that measure 2.75 metres by 1.33 metres. And you can find them all at K Sport Supply.


Pool: the rules of the game

In every corner and in the middle of the long sides of the pool table, there is a pocket, or hole, into which players try to bounce the ball. With the exception of the white cue ball, there are fifteen balls. Each of these has a number. Seven balls are coloured with just one colour and are visibly different from the other seven, which have two colours. The remaining ball is completely black. This is the last ball to go into the pocket. The goal of the game? To play every ball into the pockets. If you are the last player, the one who plays the black ball into the pocket, you are the winner.