Billiard Tables - For in the home

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Are you looking for a billiard table to give your home that something special? At K Sport Supply, you'll find a large assortment of billiard tables in sizes perfect for your living room. We also have a wide variety of other table games: snooker tables, air hockey tables and pool tables. Our table games are sure to give you years of safe playing pleasure.


Table games for large and small

K Sport Supply has various sorts of billiard tables, so whatever your budget, you'll find what you're looking for. Our table games vary in the type of wood they are made from, colour, format and colour of the felt or cloth. Pick up or delivery? Installed by external services or would you prefer to do it yourself? You make the choices that suit you best.

Take a look in our catalogue to find out exactly what we have to offer!


Billiard tables for snooker and pool

Of all table games, snooker and pool are the most well-known. You use the cue ball to bounce the other balls (more than two) into pockets around the edges of the table


Billiard sales at K Sport Supply

Carambole Billiards: it was once the standard type of billiards. Because back then, there was no talk of pool tables. Even snooker tables were few and far between. And it wasn't even taken seriously as a sport. Fortunately, times have changed. American pool in particular is becoming more and more a part of the picture. A pool table is now sometimes even easier to find than a carambole billiards table. But not at K Sport Supply. Because with us, you'll find everything related to billiards is in stock and ready to buy.